Turn off Your Electronics Completely and Save!

Even when in the off position, many electronic products in our homes are pulling and using electrical power. Walkthrough your home at night with the lights off. How many little glowing lights and digital clocks do you see? Probably you see quite a few. Televisions, stereos, home theater systems, computer hardware, personal grooming appliances, etc… continue reading »

When to Turn Off Your Lights

The cost effectiveness of when to turn off lights depends on the type of bulb and the cost of electricity. The type of lightbulb you use is important for several reasons. All lightbulbs have a nominal or rated operating life, which is affected by how many times they are turned on and off. The more… continue reading »

5 Energy-hungry Appliances

Start the Countdown The energy we use is usually measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh); 1 kWh is equal to 1,000 watts working for one hour. In 2001, the entire world consumed 13.9 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity [source: Clean-Energy]. Of that global 13.9 trillion kWh, 25 percent (3.45 trillion kWh) powered electrical devices in the United States… continue reading »

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