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Outlets and switches are two key elements to your home’s or business’s electrical system. If they stop working properly, it can be a serious inconvenience which leads to unnecessary downtime. In addition to being frustrating, broken outlets and switches can be dangerous and pose a potential hazard to you and your family. At Desnina Electric, LLC, the highly trained Keller electrician can find the source of the problem and determine if repairs or replacements are necessary.

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Do I Need to Replace My Outlets & Switches?

There are a number of signs you can look for which indicate that your outlets or switches need to be replaced. In addition to improving overall efficiency and function, there are many benefits to upgrading poorly functioning or non-grounded outlets. If I believe that a replacement is needed rather than a repair, I will explain my recommendation and why an upgrade will be more cost effective in the long run.

A few signs that your outlets and switches need to be replaced or repaired include:

  • Sparking when appliances are plugged in
  • Brown or burned discolorations on your outlets
  • Outlets do not hold power
  • Flickering lights

  • Warm or hot outlets
  • Two-prong plugs
  • Plugs fall out of outlets
  • Cracking noises

Invest in Your Electrical System Today

When I come to inspect your outlets and switches, I can also check for more serious problems, such as faulty electrical wiring. I have more than 30 years of experience in the field of electrical repairs and installations and am prepared to assist with all of your needs.

To make an appointment with a Keller electrician to discuss possible upgrades, call me now at (817) 495-7249. I would be happy to offer you a free quote.

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